Email-marketing is a direct marketing tool that allows the client to control and manage the results of an e-mail campaign.

E-mail marketing is the use of e-mail directly as a marketing tool. In this way, you can control the result of sent e-mails, view how many clients opened them and identify the recipients with problems.

HAT works with professionals who are trained to use this tool, guaranteeing the success of your e-mail marketing campaign, whether in the administration of large volumes of messages, management of directed shipping or in obtaining results from these actions.

The e-mail marketing campaigns can be scheduled and the sending of e-mails can be arranged for the date and time that you desire. Furthermore, we personalize the e-mail with the company name, birthdays or any other information that may be pertinent to the campaign.

This tool holds a complete set of real-time reports about your e-mail marketing campaign. The reports are automatically updated as each e-mail is opened and when links within the message are clicked on. The main reports are:

  • Summary of the action;
  • Report of sent and delivered messages;
  • Report on the total number of clicks;
  • Statistics on the time, date and geographical location of each opened message;
  • Requests to unsubscribe from the list.

Based on the results, it is possible to create lists of people who share the same interests. Also, this can direct actions to specific groups in order to increase sales.