Social Media

HAT(develops and manages your campaign on Social Media to provide branding, an increase in the potential traffic through the site and relationships with the client.

The relationship channels are changing the relations between companies and the market. It is important that your brand is where your public is so that it can make a lasting impression on your clients.

Social Media is the use of electronic means to integrate people. The various formats can encompass images, audio, video and text, facilitating communication, regardless of the method.

It allows the user to interact instantaneously with other users around the world. Social Media has the power to disseminate content, generating the sharing of ideas, opinions, experience and perspectives.

hat has qualified professionals accustomed to developing and managing a company‚Äôs Social Media content. The marketing actions related to Social Media channels are called Social Media Marketing (SMM) and include actions for branding, relationships with the client, viral campaigns and others.

Benefits of SMM

  • Feedback directly from the participants of social networks;
  • Works the company‚Äôs brand;
  • Increases the website‚Äôs potential traffic.


Facebook is an excellent tool for companies to promote their products, expose their brand, increase the website‚Äôs traffic and increase their client base.

Facebook is a Social Media that allows the user to interact with other people and share ideas, content and opinions. It is an excellent tool to promote your brand, products and services with the goal of increasing your client base.

HAT has qualified and trained professionals experienced in developing and managing company strategies on Facebook.

Advantages of creating a Facebook profile:

  • Over 25 million pieces, news, posts and albums shared per month.
  • Connection with 60 pages, groups and events in average.
  • Users spend more than 500 billion minutes on Facebook per month.
  • There are more than 400 million active users.
  • Increases the traffic of potential clients on the site.
  • Works the company‚Äôs brand.


HAT has professionals that are qualified to elaborate strategies to promote your pictures on Flickr in order to increase the potential traffic of your website.

Flickr is a social network that allows the user to share photos and images with other people. It is possible to organize photo albums using tags and descriptions. Flickr offers a statistical service that reports the number of people that visited or clicked on your photos.

You can post pictures of your company‚Äôs products, services or events. The HAT team is specialized in elaborating strategies to promote your company in Social Media. Currently, there are more than 40 million people registered on Flickr.


Formspring is a social network that allows your company to get feedback on products and services in order to establish marketing strategies.

Formspring is a social network that allows users to receive questions either from other users or from people who are not registered. The questions stay on your inbox and you can choose whether to answer or delete them. The answers remain listed on your profile for anyone to see.

Formspring allows your company to receive feedback on products and services. In Brazil alone there are approximately 4 million registered users.


FourSquare allows the user to suggest the best services and products offered by a company, besides finding friends.

FourSquare is a social network that allows the user to indicate where they are and search for contacts who are near that location. A registered person can access the website and indicate their current location.

Every time that you arrive at a location and activate FourSquare, you receive points. There are two classification rankings. In one of them you participate with your network of friends and in the other one you participate with the users in your city. This can be used in restaurants, airports, shopping centers, museums, etc.

The person that checks in to a location most frequently is considered the mayor of that place and gains autonomy to manage that location on the FourSquare site.


LinkedIn is a social network in which a company can list job openings, recruit professionals or expand its business.

LinkedIn is a social network used by professionals. The user can find jobs and participate in groups. Companies can list jobs, search for candidates or expand their business.

HAT works with professionals who are specialized in creating strategies for companies on LinkedIn and increasing the traffic of potential clients on your website. It is possible to develop an efficient advertisement without spending much by requesting that your consumers write a recommendation for your company, which will be published on your profile.

You can increase your professional network. In the ‚Äúgroups‚ÄĚ tab of LinkedIn you can find companies that are from the same sector as your company. It is possible to make new business by answering questions on forums on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has more than 70 million users and 80% of companies use it as a recruiting tool.


Twitter is a social network that allows messages to be published in real-time and relationships between partners and clients to be created.

Twitter is social network that allows products, services and events to be promoted and ideas to be shared in real time. They are short messages with at most 140 characters. You can build a relationship with your partners and other people that may be important to your business.

It is important to put a short description of your product or service to make it easier for your clients to understand it. Besides messages, you can post pictures of your stores, offices, etc. It is possible to request feedback of a campaign you just launched. HAT Development creates strategies for your company on Twitter.

Advantages of Twitter

  • There are more than 110 million users on Twitter.
  • Twitter receives 300 thousand new users per day on average.
  • There are more than 600 million searches on Twitter per day.
  • Works the company‚Äôs brand.
  • Increases traffic through your site.


YouTube is a social network that allows the company to share institutional videos or perform marketing actions in order to increase its client base.

YouTube is a social network that allows the sharing of videos in a digital format. It is an excellent tool to promote your company‚Äôs brand, products or services.

HATs team is specialized in developing and managing your YouTube account. By means of precise description and keywords, your video can become relevant in search engines.

Companies can create and disseminate videos on YouTube with different objectives. It is possible to publish an institutional video about your company‚Äôs history or a commercial that informs the audience about your products and services.

Reasons to share videos on YouTube

  • Approximately 100 million videos are watched daily.
  • More than 2 billion spectators per day.
  • YouTube is available in 19 countries.
  • Increase in traffic to your site.
  • Works the company‚Äôs brand.