Applications Web Migration

Hudson’s AWM service – Applications Web Migration – generates economy, productivity and security for your business.

With the infrastructure that the Internet provides, institutions look to migrate their information systems to the online environment. Since the goal of your company is to perform this migration safely, hudson Development offers the AWM service – Applications Web Migration, one of our specialties.

The security and availability of the application depends on the professional. For this reason, our analysts are qualified to plan, install and configure the server in order to guarantee the best result for your business. The advantages of performing the AWM service though Hudson are:

You will drastically reduce the costs of infrastructure in the IT area, that involve management and maintenance of systems.

There is no longer a need to buy a system. You can pay for the time of usage.

Instead of making big investments on software licensing, we provide plans that areappropriate to the budget and needs of your business.

The TCO (Total Cost of Operations) reduces as the online systems do not require the same hardware resources as the company’s physical applications.

An increase in productivity, since there is no time spent installing the systems at the work-stations. This is due to system version updates being performed on the server, without compromising the productivity of the users.

The web migration application is useful for companies that are geographically dispersed. Besides facilitating the centralized administration, it allows access from any operational system, via browser.


Refactoring is the process of modifying a software to improve the internal structure of its code without changing its external behavior.

Refactoring is the process of rewriting a computer program in order to improve its structure and legibility, preserving its external behavior. This process does not fix mistakes nor add functionalities.

Hudson Development offers this service to improve the comprehension, the internal consistency and the clarity of the code in order to facilitate future maintenance. In Software Engineering the term “refactoring” means modifying the source code without changing the external behavior, i.e., cleaning it up.

The professionals at Agence, experienced in the technology with which the system was developed, provided with the respective documentation, analyze the source code of the system. Our goal is to make it easier to read and increase its performance, without changing its behavior.

After refactoring, documents are created to explain the functionalities and business rules implemented by the system.


Hudson employs innovative technologies and modern tools to develop a quality Intranet that meets the needs of the client.

Intranet is a computer network that allows the employees to communicate internally. It is a tool that facilitates the management of knowledge and sharing of pertinent information to the whole company in real-time. Intranet is a solution that can resolve the problem of companies that have separate processes and departments.

One important factor is the unification of the data on the network. This improves the ease of access to the employees, making it unnecessary to search for information through other methods. Besides being faster, this brings a large advantage of allowing you to connect from anywhere, not only from within the company.

Intranet is an essential tool for large companies because it can be can be difficult to interact between multiple departments. Hudson offers a variety of web development services using innovative technologies and modern tools for a large variety of branches of activity, such as e-Commerce [B2B, B2C], customized applications, [e-Business] applications, applications with databases, virtual auctions and portals, We deliver a high quality Intranet and highly functional websites, from simple forms to completely dynamic sites.


Agence uses innovative technologies and modern tools to develop a quality Portal that meets the needs of the client.

A Portal is a website on the Internet that gathers and distributes content to other sites or subsites. Hudson develops a defined solution, through innovative technologies and modern tools, paying special attention to aesthetics to implement a Portal that meets your company’s needs.

The professionals at Hudson are competent, trained and are focused on innovative and intelligent solutions. Besides the efficient information architecture and usability, we perform search engine optimization (SEO) for a good performance in search engines and we increase promotion through social networks.


Hudson monitors the development and integration of software, aids in decisions regarding the applications’ infrastructure and orients the client about technologies.

Agence offers a complete monitoring of the software development phases, including the ones of client responsibilities. Our methodology ranges from a simple Implantation, based on the needs of the users, to demands of integrated management to support the workflow of the company. Our structure and internal processes provides a high-quality service at competitive prices.


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