SEO – External Factors

The external factors of SEO are related to the links that point to the client’s site and influence the search mechanism.

Number and quality of external links

– Refers to links in other sites, social media or bookmarks that point to your site. It is important that your content is relevant and optimized. In this case, links appear naturally.


– The older your domain is the better because this makes them more relevant to search engines by transmitting security and quality of content.

SEO – Internal Factors

The internal factors of SEO make the content of your website more presentable to the use and positively influence the search mechanism.

The internal factors of SEO are those related to your website and directly influence the search engine. Below are the most relevant ones:

Title of the Page

  • A good title summarizes the content of the page.
  • It should have between 60 and 70 characters.
  • It must contain keywords.
  • The name of the page must exist in every title.
  • The title must be repeated within the page so that the user can verify that the content is correct. Ex.: SEO – Internal Factors – Hudson


  • A good description must be creative, luring, informative and objective.
  • The content must be related to the page.
  • It is important for it to contain keywords. Ex.: The SEO service provided by Hudson aims to increase the presence of your site on search engines, as well as to generate quality traffic.


  • It must have a title that is relevant to the subject.
  • It must contain a description to inform the public what it is about.
  • It is important to have a good resolution and excellent quality as it may interfere with the loading speed of the page. Ex.: seo-agence.jpg.


  • Must be short and contain information about the content of the site.
  • It is important to relate the URL to the title.
  • The URL must be standardized to facilitate navigation throughout the site.


  • It must contain concise text, short paragraphs and high-quality images.
  • The use of subtitles helps in understanding the content.
  • It is recommended to highlight important parts to format the text (lists, italics, bold, among others).
  • The creation of links with related content adds relevance to the subject.