Web Analytics

Metrics (KPI)

Web analytics is a tool that allows the collection, measurement and analysis of data with the objective of improving the investment return of your site.

Web Analytics metrics (KPI) is the measurement, collection and analysis of navigational information in order to understand and optimize the use of the sites on the Internet. By measuring the results, it is possible to improve the return of investment (ROI) and reach the goal.

Web analytics is the solution to data analysis and provides precise information on the traffic and the efficiency of your website’s marketing. It is possible to establish and measure other objectives that are just as important to a company’s project as well as verifying the type and version of the most commonly used software, such as browsers and operating systems.

We use this statistical tool to monitor the site’s accesses and the behavior of users, identifying whether your web project is attracting visitors. In the case of a purchase, you can identify in which moment the clients abandon the cart. With these metrics in hand, we develop strategies with assertive solutions to generate more conversions for your website.


The analysis of web analytics reports is crucial for the client to understand what happens on the website and draft a strategy to reach the objective.

After collecting and measuring the navigation data of the site from web analytics metrics, it is time to collect the visits reports. The analysis of reports helps you understand what is happening on your website and, based on this information, what can be done to reach your goal.

In the report, we can visualize the number of impressions on your site. It is possible to know how the user got to your site, whether it was through a search engine or e-mail marketing. In the case of a purchase, you can identify the moment in which the users abandon their cart for whatever reason. Furthermore, you can evaluate and fix the navigational structure of the site, the result of publicity campaigns and promotion.

HAT professionals are specialized in analyzing web analytics reports, focusing on results. We use this tool to determine, along with the client, the best strategy to employ.